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5 reasons why you should explore the highlands of West Papua

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Are you looking for a place where time seems to stand still?

Do you always want to explore the pristine jungle, hidden tribes, and ancient cultures?

West Papua is not only known for the beautiful islands of Raja Ampat but also for its breathtaking scenery in the highlands. Lush green jungle and endless rolling mountains are home to small villages and ancient tribes. A tour through this area will leave you speechless and will take you on a journey back in time – when all we had was nature and ourselves.

Five reasons why you should explore West Papua – as soon as possible!

1. Untouched Nature

West Papua is well known for its incredible nature and stunning landscape.

You will walk through the deep jungle to find bubbly brooks and hidden waterfalls. You will enjoy refreshing baths in crystal clear lakes. You will dip your feet into natural hot springs while sipping on a fresh coconut.

You will drive through steep gorges and vast valleys and watch how nature slowly comes to life when the sun shows up behind the mountains.

You will gaze at enormous trees with thousands of plants growing along with them. You will discover beautiful purple flowers within this endless greenness just to find out that they are wild orchids and grow everywhere.

You will see birds, cockatoos, and eagles and slowly fall asleep while listening to the frogs and crickets at night….

Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true?

2. Authentic Villages

Small villages and ancient tribes are just some treasures waiting to be discovered by you.

Simple huts made of natural material, open fireplaces and little gardens where villagers are growing vegetables and fruits. Small kids, wearing nothing but washed-out underpants, are jumping around waterfalls and climbing trees up and down. Various ladies prepare food the traditional way after their husbands came back from a successful hunt.

Fascinating ceremonies and a simple, ancient way of life – where else in the world can you experience that?

But don’t be surprised: Villages close to a city already enjoy a bit of luxury. “Modern” concrete houses, solar panels on the roof and sometimes even the usage of a mobile phone (of course the VERY OLD model).

3. Unforgettable Encounters

Is it the appearance of the Head of the Village that will leave you speechless?

Or is it his knowledge of the flora and fauna? Is it his effort to explain to you every little plant and its positive effect if you use them the right way? Is it him sharing the little secret on how to extract alcohol from certain fruits?

Is it the hunters wearing nothing but traditional “clothes” made from leaves and little branches? Or is it because they are still carrying bows, arrows, and spears like hundreds of years ago?

Or maybe it’s the old lady that keeps herself in the background and just smiles at you with big eyes.

Whatever it is, at the latest when you receive fresh fruits from their own garden and you realize all they have is this and nothing more – then you’ll feel deep gratefulness and peace of mind.

4. Unique Peacefulness

Speaking of peace of mind.

There is one thing you’ll notice. Although it’s never really quiet in the jungle, your mind will become still. You will be aware of the beauty around you and you’ll be able to fully enjoy every moment of it.

There are no background noises – traffic, workers, neighbours – only nature and its beautiful sounds. You’ll hear birds, trees, the sound of water and a rustling in the bushes. Crickets and cicadas accompany you on your journey through the wild jungle. Frogs and toads croak a goodnight song for you before you fall asleep.

Is there anything sweeter than the sound of pure nature?

The best is to combine your trip to West Papua with a visit to Raja Ampat!
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5. Nature’s Impermanence

A visit to West Papua will not only leave you amazed by its nature, but it will also make you realize how essential and fragile it is.

It is a life-giver for all of us – not only for the people living here.

Unfortunately, capitalism has already found its way into Papua, slowly but surely. Palm oil, gas and oil companies are gaining ground and advancing fast.

You will notice it.
Roads are expanding and getting bigger and better. Forest is being cut off or burned down. Here and there you’ll see bare areas in the usually undisturbed green landscape.

Nothing is permanent –, especially in nature.

Being able to experience such beauty is a privilege. Make sure you do it before it’s too late!

A popular place to visit is also the Baliem Valley in the Central Highlands of Papua.
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