Main road in Sorong with cars, motorbikes, and angkots

Getting Around

Stepping out of the airport or the hotel for the first time can be overwhelming.

Heat, humidity, taxi drivers, the noise, motorbikes between cars of all sizes, people trying to cross the street or selling something and you’re the centre of all attention – because you’re the “BULE” – the white person in town! 

Don’t know what “bule” means? In this article you can to find out!

Just try to stay cool, smile and find your way through the hustle and bustle.

The good thing is most locals are super friendly and always happy to help you – even though their language skills might be limited. Just get ready to pose for a photo afterwards!


The easiest and most convenient way to get around is in a private taxi, of course. Your hotel or the place you stay can help you with that – almost everyone is happy to earn an extra dollar and will drive you wherever you want to go.

Usually, taxi drivers will not only take you from A to B but they will stay for the entire time and bring you back to your hotel again. Paid per hour is a good deal (usually around IDR 100.000).


Ojeks are well known in Indonesia and are basically nothing else than a motorbike-taxi. They can be found in front of most hotels and supermarkets. At junctions, drivers gather under little huts, protected from the sun, or they just stop by while you’re walking on the street.

Don’t be afraid! An ojek ride can be a fun and cheap way to get around, especially if you’re a single traveller. Short distances cost IDR 15,000 and longer distances IDR 20,000.

Good to know: even with a small piece of luggage (carry-on size) they bring you to your destination. Just ask for an ojek and save the extra dollar of a taxi ride!


You’ll probably notice a lot of small yellow minibuses driving the main roads up and down. A lot of them are in less good condition as if they couldn’t make it to the next corner.

These small buses are called “angkot” (angkotan kota) or “taxi kuning” (yellow taxi) and are the cheapest way to get around town. They usually have fixed routes along the main roads but if you’re lucky and alone, the driver may take you to smaller side roads – the important is you know where you want to go!

Just wait or walk along the main road and you will be offered a ride. Sitting in an angkot is definitely a fun experience and a good way to get to know the locals and their way of life!

The price per ride is IDR 5,000. Make sure to bring some small bills with you. Drivers sometimes can’t change or simply keep the rest to themselves.

NEW since August 2019: Gojek

Since August 2019, Sorong is connected to Gojek, Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand multi-service platform. So far the only services available are GoRide and GoFood and they still need some improvement. But so far, it’s a good start!

Download the Gojek-App here:

Yellow taxis "angkots" waiting on main road in Sorong
Ojek drivers waiting at the road for customers

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