Parking area of Domine Eduard Osok Airport Sorong with unique airport building in the background

How to get here


Sorong is located in West Papua, a province in the Eastern part of Indonesia.

There are daily flights to Domine Eduard Osok Airport Sorong from Jakarta, Denpasar (Bali), Makassar, Ambon, and Manado, operated by different airlines.

From Jakarta, you can either choose a direct flight (4 hours) or a stopover in Makassar.

From Denpasar (Bali) are no direct flights – a stopover in Makassar is necessary. All connecting flights from Makassar to Sorong depart around 3 in the morning. If you have a few hours and need a bed and a shower, make a reservation at the IBIS Airport Hotel. It is located directly at the airport (the entrance is outside) and it’s the perfect place to get some rest before continuing to Sorong.

Booking a domestic flight ticket for Indonesia can be challenging.

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Find more information about flights in the blog category FLIGHTS.

If you’re on your way back, keep in mind that ferries and boats can always experience delays due to unexpected weather conditions.
The same applies to trekking tours – you never know what happens on the way!

If you want to be on the safe side, plan enough time for an extra night in Sorong before your departing flight. Read more about where to stay in Sorong.

PT. Pelni Ships

Another interesting way to travel to Sorong is by jumping on one of the big Pelni ships coming from Java.

They usually start in Jakarta and pass Surabaya, Makassar, Ambon, and Ternate. After Sorong they continue to Jayapura.

A trip takes several days – depending on your departure port – and the schedule may change due to weather conditions. Always check in advance with one of the ticket offices at your port of departure.

Tickets are cheap compared to flights and the ferries can be overbooked. If possible, choose first class or your own cabin for your trip.

Sign of Domine Eduard Osok Airport Sorong and the airport building in the background
View from an airplane of ships and ferries in a harbour
Parking area and arrival area of Domine Eduard Osok Airport Sorong

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