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4 great hotels to stay in Sorong

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Do you have an overnight stay in Sorong and don’t know which hotel to choose?

Do you want to spend an extra night in Sorong to get to know the city and its surroundings?

Getting enough rest and a delightful sleep is essential to any holiday – especially when you’re on the way from paradise. A clean room, a comfortable bed and a good breakfast the next morning are important factors for a peaceful night. Let me help you make your choice easier by introducing four great hotels for your stay in Sorong.

So you can concentrate on what really matters: counting down the days until your next holiday to paradise!


As the first four-star hotel in Sorong, Swiss-Belhotel is always a good choice.
It’s located in the center, just a 10-minutes-drive away from the Domine Edward Osok Airport of Sorong.

The 126 rooms offer the comfort of an international four-star hotel chain: LED-TV, high-speed internet, coffee-making facilities, and a small fridge. You can choose between three room-categories as well as two suites. A gym, an outside swimming pool, and a big, comfortable hotel lobby will make your stay as pleasant as possible.

The breakfast buffet is quite impressive for Sorong standards. They offer various warm dishes, sweets, eggs, pancakes and a great variety of fruits. The staff is nice and always very helpful.

Insider-Tip: Book the Grand Deluxe Room for your stay and ask for a room facing west. You will enjoy a wonderful view of Sorong Harbor and amazing sunsets in the evenings!

Starting from 47 $ / night. Click HERE to get the latest rate on


Relatively new is FaveHotel, a three-star hotel with reasonable prices.
From the airport, it’s not even a 5-minute drive away.

This stylish pink and white hotel has a total of 75 rooms on five floors. Despite their size, all rooms are very comfortable. They offer everything you need: LED TV, internet, and coffee-making facilities.

The breakfast buffet is simple but the variety satisfies Indonesians’ as well as Westerners’ taste buds.

Even though FaveHotel doesn’t have a gym or swimming pool, it is a good choice if you’re staying for a night in the city or need to catch an early flight in the morning.

Find more info on where to eat out in Sorong.

Insider Tip: During check-in ask for a room on the highest floor facing the airport – with a bit of luck you will have a first-class view of the airplanes and the ocean at the horizon.

Starting from 40 $ / night. Click HERE to get the latest rate on

Vega Hotel

The fancy yellow-white Vega Hotel is the newest four-star hotel in Sorong.
It’s located close to Domine Edward Osok Airport, only a 5-minute drive away.

Vega Hotel has 4 different room categories on four floors. Of course, all rooms are equipped with LED TV, internet, and coffee-making facilities. But: the Superior Rooms don’t have windows – keep that in mind when booking the hotel.

A gym and a nice outdoor swimming pool are waiting for you. The breakfast buffet has a good variety of food and offers everything you need in the morning to wake up.

Insider Tip: Make a booking for a Royal Deluxe Room and request a room facing the airport and the swimming pool – so you can enjoy a nice view!

Starting from 41 $ / night. Click HERE to get the latest rate on

Je Meridien Hotel

The Je Meridien Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Sorong.
Its location just opposite the airport makes it the best-located hotel in Sorong. Just cross the main road and you’re right in front of the hotel.

Although the building looks very old from the outside, it’s worth staying for a night. You’ll get a glimpse of how the city used to be back in the day. A long time ago, when all flights were still operated by Sorong’s old airport “Jefman Airport” (which was a former World War II airfield), the Je Meridien Hotel was THE hotel of the city, and people were very proud to stay here.

And NO – it has nothing to do with that particular international hotel chain that has a similar name!

The hotel offers 55 rooms in five different categories with LED TVs, a small desk, and air conditioning. Wi-Fi is only available in public areas. Breakfast is simple but gives you a great start in the morning.

The interior of the hotel is old-fashioned and makes it a great place to indulge in sweet memories.

Starting from 38 $ / night. Click HERE to get the latest rate on


Of course, Sorong has many more options on offer than the hotels mentioned above. Small homestays, family-run guesthouses or private rooms are available on various internet platforms. Whether you choose one of the big hotel chains or just simple accommodation, depends on the comfort and facilities you would like to enjoy. If your expectations are met, you will have a perfect stay – it doesn’t matter where you are.

What was your best hotel experience in Sorong?

Photo by Nik Lanús on Unsplash