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5 tips on how to survive a night flight

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A flight overnight can save time and accommodation but it’s definitely not the most comfortable way to travel around. Lousy seats, little space, constant noise, and cold air conditioners – are not the best conditions for a relaxing night.

Unfortunately, most of the incoming flights in Sorong are night flights.
It’s perfect if you want to travel directly to Raja Ampat because you’ll still be able to catch the morning ferry or a boat.

But let’s face it: you’ll probably feel anything but rested.

With these 5 tips, you can sleep for at least a couple of hours if you’re sitting in an airplane overnight!

1. Choose the right seat

The most important thing: choose the right seat.

Even if you usually sit in the aisle, you probably wouldn’t want that during the night. A window seat is the best choice. No one will bother you on the way to the toilet and the window will give you a bit of extra support for your head. Use a pillow as a cushion to make the hard wall more comfortable.

The easiest way to reserve your favourite seat is via Online Check-In. You can choose your seat and won’t get any problems later at the airport. Besides that, it saves you time when you only drop off your luggage at the check-in counter.

Insider-Tip: Some domestic airlines block the first few rows of their planes. You won’t be able to choose a seat during online check-in. But have a look once you’re on the plane. If you’re lucky you can change your seat after boarding and have a whole row for yourself – much more comfortable than sitting in one seat!

2. Make yourself as comfortable as possible

We all know it – airplane seats are as comfortable as a hard table. But if we don’t have any other choice, then we should try to make the best out of it.

Bringing a small pillow, an extra sweater or a big scarf can make your life easier on a night flight. Put it behind your back, between you and the window or use it simply as a blanket – you never know what you’ll need it for!

Neck pillows are a great and essential travel accessory. They come as inflatable ones or with an attachment clip for your backpack. Say goodbye to a stiff neck!

3. Shut out your senses

If you want to get some sleep on your flight, it’s important to block out the outside world.

Engine noise, baby crying, constant chattering or just the neighbour’s snoring – in a plane anything can affect your rest. An important travel accessory is earplugs. To block out the noise, the simple soft one made out of foam is enough. They don’t completely shut out all the noise, but they’ll do enough to give you some rest.

Another tip is your headphones. You can let yourself fly to sleep while listening to your favourite relaxing music. Nowadays you can even buy Noise-Cancelling Headphones. They are a bit pricey but promise to completely block out any noise from outside.

Do you have sensitive eyes?

Then you should definitely bring an eye mask. Unfortunately, many airlines flying to Sorong will serve you food and drinks, even at night, so you should prepare yourself for the bright light. Wearing an eye mask will help you drift off into your dreams when you want it.

4. Keep yourself warm

Is there anything worse than waking up freezing cold?

Unfortunately, most airlines cool down their airplanes to (almost) minus degrees. And especially those airlines don’t provide or don’t have enough blankets for their passengers.

So be prepared and put on some comfortable long-sleeved clothes. Bring an extra jacket or – even better – a sweater with a hoodie. Having something around your head will give you more comfort.

Another great idea is to bring an extra scarf or a pair of socks. It will work wonders!

5. Eat before the flight and stay hydrated

Last but not least: eat before your flight!

Stick to your usual eating times and have a light and easily digestible dinner before your flight. By doing so, you won’t get hungry and can easily skip the meal served on the airplane. Apart from the fact that airplane food is not the best anyway, who wants to eat at 3 o’clock in the morning?

You should also bring a small bottle of water with you. Make sure you drink enough to stay hydrated, but not so much that you have to use the restroom all the time. Needless to say that drinking alcohol before your night flight is rather a bad idea. It will affect your sleep negatively and make you arrive at your destination even less rested.

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What is your personal tip for a relaxing night’s flight?

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